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WomeninTech is being run by Samantha Perry (words) with able assistance from Tam Shepherd (checking words) and Paul Scott (tech bits). We could use your help to fund running costs and networking events (and other cool stuff Sam is plotting as we speak). You can support us in three ways:

Sponsor an event – sponsors will get: 

– Logo and ‘sponsored by’ credit on a press release announcing the event and the event invite
– Logo on the WomeninTechZA page announcing the event and the sponsor (to be publicised via the below social media accounts)
– An additional two tweets from @WomeninTechZA and @samanthaperry in the run up to the event encouraging people to attend and thanking the sponsor
– Banners at the venue
– Logo on reportback after the event to be published on WomeninTechZA and publicised via:

Contact Samantha [samantha dot perry at gmail dot com] for 2015 schedule and costs.

Take an ad – advertise yourself (if you’re a boy it’s your only way to get a profile around here #justsaying), your company, an event, anything you like (that’s legal, ahem). At this stage we offer advertisers sponsored blog posts – writing and layout is included as well as publicising the blog on the day it is published via the above social media properties – contact Samantha (samantha dot perry at gmail dot com) for details and the fine print.

Donate – Donations will be used to maintain this site, as well as to fund future networking events.

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