Shana Kay Derman, IntelliCred

Shana Kay Derman, IntelliCred

Name: Shana Kay Derman

Designation: Chief Innovator (Co-Founder)

Company: IntelliCred

What do you do every day? Meeting with clients, product review and development, searching for new customers, constantly recruiting for our development team (skills are rare).

How did you get into the tech space? I got into the tech space helping my uncle in his tech company and loved the element of troubleshooting problems and that the tech-space resides in an ever-changing industry.

What was the best advice anyone ever gave you? Not to worry about gender in this male-dominated space and to do the best job you can do. Sooner or later, they won’t see gender and only see the person who does the best job.

What advice would you given someone wanting to get into the tech sector? Life long learning is key is the tech-space. If you love learning new things and understand that technology is constantly changing affecting businesses and its processes, the technology space is perfect for you.

What motivates you to get out of bed everyday? Making my business successful so that I can provide more for my family is key to kick-starting my day. In addition to this, the overriding belief that my business is going to be a global success is always at the top of my mind so I hardly ever feel like not getting out of bed :).

Who do you want to be when you grow up? A “serial-technology-philanthropist-entrepreneur”.

Find me on:

Twitter: @intelli_cred

Twitter: @shanak