Mala Suriah

October 29, 2014 in Marketing, Profiles
Mala Suriah, Telkom Business

Mala Suriah, Telkom Business

Name: Mala Suriah

Designation: Executive, Strategic Marketing

Company: Telkom Business

What do you do every day? I execute tactics and plans that build positive reputation and profits for Telkom Business and its shareholders/stakeholders. I advice, educate, and inform customers on technology solutions that solve their business challenges. The end goal every day is that my customer’s customer will have an improved customer experience in everything that he/she does.

How did you get into the tech space? By sheer bad luck! I was retrenched as a pharmaceutical sales rep and took the first job that presented itself. This was at Transtel (the telecommunications arm of Transnet) 20 years ago. I fell in love with the sector (and stayed). I simply thrive in this dynamic and fast changing world.

What was the best advice anyone ever gave you? “Be the fearless leader that you are – it’s your unique selling proposition”.

What advice would you given someone wanting to get into the tech sector? You don’t have to be technical to succeed in this industry, all you need to have is the passion to serve customers and people and the insatiable desire to learn.

What motivates you to get out of bed everyday? I feel that I have found my purpose. Living my “purpose-driven life” is a miracle in itself. I am driven by the creation of new ideas and almost everyday I have one to offer to my sector or company or team.

Who do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be “ME”- the brand called “Mala”, because I am CEO of brand me.

Find me on:
Twitter: @suriahm1