Zoe Hawkins, Lazygamer.net

Zoe Hawkins, Lazygamer.net

Name: Zoe Hawkins

Designation: Content Editor and PR Manager

Company: Lazygamer.net

What do you do every day? Wow, each day is so varied and different. Most days start with me writing at least 3-4 articles. As a video game and tech journalist, this means reporting on new game releases, controversies, gameplay or features. This can include game reviews and editorials, as well as tech reviews and videos showing off the latest gadgets. Interspersed between the writing is plenty of witty banter with the guys I work with as we fight for the good stories and make fun of each other’s meekness.

As I write, I often edit the others’ work as well as attend to all the PR emails. I generally try to schedule meetings in the late morning or early afternoon, once things have calmed down in the mad rush to get content up for the site.

Work can often continue late into the evenings, especially when I have a game to review and need to spend my entire evening playing. However, considering that’s how I enjoy spending my evenings, it’s rather difficult to complain. Evenings are sometimes also taken up with tech events and launches, giving me the opportunity to actually get dressed in something other than slippers and comfy pants as I venture into outside world.

How did you get into the tech space? I’ve been a gamer since I was a child but never thought it could be a career. After getting a Masters in European Studies and International Relations, I moved with my future husband to South Africa. After bouncing between teaching, PR and Marketing positions, I finally ended up as a freelance social media marketer and blogger. When I saw a chance to work at lazygamer as a part-time writer, I jumped at the chance – the rest is history.

What was the best advice anyone ever gave you? Figure out what makes you happy and do that – the rest will fall into place.

What advice would you given someone wanting to get into the tech sector? Be confident with what you know, and honest about what you don’t. Anything can be learned once you know your starting point.

What motivates you to get out of bed everyday? A passion for what I do. And two cats and a husband who poke me until I get up to make coffee and food.

Who do you want to be when you grow up? An even more successful version of myself – love what I do, just want to do it better and for even more readers/viewers.

Find me on:
Twitter: @moonstormer
Web: www.lazygamer.net
Web: www.lazygamer.net/author/moonstormer
LinkedIn: za.linkedin.com/in/moonstormer